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El Paso’s High School happens to be one of the oldest buildings in that city. 

Eerie reports from students and faculty include urban legends surrounding the building’s fourth floor, which is said to be inhabited by a thick mist.

Some have linked the phenomena to a tragedy dating back 35 years, when a student slashed her wrists and dove from the fourth floor balcony to her death.

Her spectral shape has been sighted on the balcony, waving to visitors or recreating her fatal jump, and is also seen roaming the hallways, crying . 

The picture below dated 1985, showing the unidentified woman in the center whose features are blurred and distorted. According to students who posed for the photo, no one recognized her from the day the picture was taken… and some say she was never there.

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Also a group of teachers found a small sealed-up classroom behind a brick wall. The room had been left exactly as it was when the last class left, with students’ personal items still on the desks. One such item was a love letter from a teenage girl… and a haunting suicide note. 

I hate this story of a girl slitting her wrists 35 years ago!! Both my parents graduated from El Paso high 41 years ago. No girl fucking slit her wrists. They started there 37 years ago and my uncle graduated 45 years ago. The school is haunted no doubt. My dad was also a teacher there and heard many stories and got ugly feelings being there. But a girl did not slit her wrists 35 years ago. So stop!

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